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About Us

Car4all is a young and family company that specializes in providing peripheral solutions for renting accessible vehicles throughout the country to the customer’s home for any destination and purpose. The company consists of a team of expert and dedicated employees with experience in the automotive industry in general and accessible vehicles in particular.

All the company’s employees work constantly to provide personal and close accompaniment and treatment to all its customers throughout the rental process, from the first call, through a comprehensive and complete needs assessment, vehicle adjustment, choosing the most affordable vehicle to handing over the key at our branches around the country or delivery to the customer’s home. The main branch is located in Kibbutz Alonim, to which are added additional branches in the north of the country, where you can receive service and collect and deliver vehicles for rent throughout the week.


Car4all Especially for you – making the road accessible for you!

  • A perfect service experience, a welcoming environment and a courteous and reliable professional team that thinks first and foremost about you: Above all, we pride ourselves on our skilled, humane and attentive staff, who provide a 24/7 human response and serve as a listening ear for the customer’s needs, uncompromisingly adapting the vehicle to the customer’s preferences and needs to accompany him hand in hand all the way.
  • Spacious, comfortable, accessible and suitable Cars for a variety of needs, tested by our best experts and found suitable for use.
  • Professional advice from our skilled staff, which adapts every detail to your needs and preferences: Vehicle type, size, gear type, accessibility options and more.
  • The most attractive and affordable prices in the accessible car rental market in the country!
  • Striving for constant excellence, leading in the quality and innovation of vehicles, in exceptional service and in providing the best solutions and the highest quality vehicles with maximum efficiency and at the most affordable prices.

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